Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Five

Please be aware of the fact that my first craft show - the junk market - is one week away. I will be writing about it. I will be sharing pictures of my first adventure into the craft show world.  :)

So, here are a couple of the things that made me a little happier this week.

A couple of my favorite things - Harry Potter - Zevia - Creating. Yes, I'm a huge geek!

my favorite combo for the Poppy Blossom Bags - so much so that I decided to keep this one for myself.

Loving all of the Poppy Dot Bobby Pins - great hold too! I use professional bobby pins so they won't slide out!

Boo! Halloween is just around the corner - can you believe it? - I love these little monsters!

my favorite little guy to keep me company while working long hours - as you can see - there are going to be fun Christmas accessories too!

All I know is that the team of teachers I work with are counting down the days until I am sane again! Next weekend is the Junk Market (finally!) and the weekend after that is the State Early Childhood Conference in which I am the chair of the planning committee. Ugh. Did I also mention it's budget time? Yup. I can't wait until Oct. 1st. I'm going to do nothing all day. Wait! Isn't that a Monday? I guess I'll be working...

Enjoy your weekend!

Katie said...

love your new pins and clips! so cute!

Beverly said...

LOVE your new bobby pins!! They are darling!!!

Good luck girlie! xo, Bev

Melissa Boo said...

I love the fabric in pictures two and three. What line are those from?

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