Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Currently :: April 2013

I haven't done a "Currently" post since last April. So, I thought I'd catch you up on me.


Makeup Favorite
Benefit - Fake it - it's a super moisturizing concealer. I love it for around my eyes.

Frequently Wear
Dress / leggings / scarf / boots (can't wait for warmer weather!!)

Red peppers

Bane of my Existence
Whidbey insisting that he needs to cuddle at 4 am - every. single. morning. But, really, who can resist this face?

Shame Inducing Guilty Pleasure
McDonald's Chocolate Shake (700 calories!! UGH!)

Saving all my Pennies for
small thing - TOMs Ballet Flats (same as last April!)
big thing  - a new house, condo, or town home

Excited about
My new car! 2013 VW Jetta (This is the only photo I have of my new car)

Obsessed with
Hydro Power - Exercising! I never thought I would EVER be obsessed with physical activity!

Anticipation for
Warmer weather - ballet flats and summer clothes

Drooling over for Spring
Skimmers! I have never loved "crop" pants. Skimmers are exactly what I've always liked - just at the ankle.

What are your currentlys? (not a word. I know.)

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