Thursday, July 11, 2013

Working With Kids is Hard.

It really is. For many, many reasons. All ages have their challenges. If you're a parent you know what I mean. Being the director of an early childhood center, I work with children from age 18 months through 3rd grade so, I've seen the good, bad, and unfortunately the ugly of working with children. But, that's not what this post is about.

Working with kids is hard because you can never "just be gone." Ever. There are people (tiny humans) counting on you to be there every single day to care for them and keep them safe. It's not one of those jobs that when you're gone the work will be on your desk when you return.

Working with kids is hard because when you're having a bad day more than likely they'll be having a bad day too. They won't listen, they may be emotional and even whiney, and they will most denfinately do exactly the opposite of what is asked of them. They have fabulous perception.

Working with kids is hard because you have to have a college degree and continuing education credits, you come early and leave late from work, and most of the time take work home. All of that hard work adds up to getting paid with hugs (basically).

Working with kids is hard because even though you're not their parent you spend 8 to 10 hours with them every single day (or most days.) You are their first teacher outside of the home. You are responsible for setting them on a positive educational path. You teach them to love learning. If they don't like it when they're young - they probably will have a hard time throughout the next 12 years.

*a little tangent*
Did you know that most states in the US (probably almost all) spend more on the prison systems than on ensuring children are getting the proper start in life? Did you know that children who have positive early childhood education and care are less likely to commit crimes as adults?

Did you know that early childhood teachers make wages that are almost at poverty level? We are the ones entrusted with the care of tiny humans - fragile little people that aren't able to make decisions or care for themselves and yet, we pay famous people such as Lindsey Lohan millions of dollars to get high and set a bad example. Awesome. I love America.

That's why working with kids is hard.  I just wish the rest of the country understood how important children are to the future. I really don't think people understand how important, now more than ever, early care and education is to our children. More parents are working and those parents are working longer hours. There's more video games for ALL ages than ever before and more and more children are occupying themselves with these hand-held devices rather than learning and exploring. Ugh. I need to stop.
*...and end tangent*

If you've read this far you deserve a medal... or a hug (I'll check my paycheck - I may have enough left to share).

Now, if I just would win the lottery I could forget all about this and move to a tropical island. Just kidding! Or not, I could really use the money - I work with small children.

Stay tuned next week for  - why working with kids is the most rewarding career choice!
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